my life became 600% better when i started acting like a self obsessed piece of shit like 10/10 would recommend

even if u don’t actually genuinely love yourself its fuckin fun to act like you think you’re the human embodiment of perfection go on try it life’s too short to not fall in love with yourself

This has half a million notes I’m fucking cringing

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I read several dozen stories a year from miserable, lonely guys who insist that women won’t come near them despite the fact that they are just the nicest guys in the world.

..I’m asking what do you offer? Are you smart? Funny? Interesting? Talented? Ambitious? Creative? OK, now what do you do to demonstrate those attributes to the world? Don’t say that you’re a nice guy — that’s the bare minimum.

“Well, I’m not sexist or racist or greedy or shallow or abusive! Not like those other douchebags!”

I’m sorry, I know that this is hard to hear, but if all you can do is list a bunch of faults you don’t have, then back the fuck away..

..Don’t complain about how girls fall for jerks; they fall for those jerks because those jerks have other things they can offer. “But I’m a great listener!” Are you? Because you’re willing to sit quietly in exchange for the chance to be in the proximity of a pretty girl (and spend every second imagining how soft her skin must be)? Well guess what, there’s another guy in her life who also knows how to do that, and he can play the guitar. Saying that you’re a nice guy is like a restaurant whose only selling point is that the food doesn’t make you sick. You’re like a new movie whose title is This Movie Is in English, and its tagline is “The actors are clearly visible”.

I think about the people who check my blog on a daily basis on a weekly basis probably

Especially the one that lives half an hour away from me. They could walk into my work (bc let’s be real they are probably friends with me on Facebook/could figure out where I work if they wanted to) and look me straight in the face and I wouldn’t know it. Or would I?

Is checking my blog and opening my text posts the highlight of their day? Is it something they wake up thinking about or does it cross their mind midday when other thoughts have settled down? Is it an escape? Is it the worst part of their day? Are they hopelessly clinging to something that never will be/never has been? Have we touched? Do they get angry with themselves every time they find themselves entering my URL in their browser bar? Do they feel disgusted with themselves and their voyuerism? Or am I one of many they regularly check on? Is it weird to them? Is it thrilling? Do they intentionally and repeatedly use the same IP address to let me know they are watching? Are they transfixed on me or merely fascinated? Is it sexual in nature? I would say so because “risque” pictures are always opened. Does it provide a false sense of control? Do they hate themselves for it? Have I done them wrong? Have they done me wrong? Do they love me? Do they hate me? We have two instincts: to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Am I making them feel better or just making them feel good?

I embrace my shadow self. Shadows give depth and dimension to my life. I believe in embracing my duality, in learning to let darkness and light, peacefully co-exist, as illumination.